Nurses' Perspectives About Reasons For Not Reporting Medical Errors In Educational Hospitals, Ahvaz, Iran:2019


Background and Objectives Reporting of medical errors is one of the common methods for identifying and preventing errors in hospital care. The purpose of this study was determine the barriers of error reporting from nurses' viewpoints in Ahvaz teaching hospitals.
Material and Methods: This was a descriptive-analytical study with a sample size of 206. Nurses working in teaching hospitals of Ahvaz were selected by stratified random sampling. The measurement tool used in this study was a researcher-made questionnaire which its validity was confirmed by content validity and its reliability using Cronbach's alpha was calculated 0.84.
Results: The causes of failure to error reporting included educational, attitudinal, process, structural and management factors. The mean score of the set of dimensions was 3.88± 0.53. Over ninety percent of nurses remarked educational, attitude and process factors were important and very important, and more than seventy percent of nurses stated structural and managerial factors were important and very important. There was a significant difference between the reasons for not reporting errors and education as well as the reasons for not reporting errors and work experience.
Conclusion: Due to causes of non-reporting errors include educational, attitudinal, process, structural and management factors, and also error reporting has an undeniable impact on reducing future error occurrence and enhancing proper patient care, it is therefore desirable that officials develop strategies to remove barriers or Reduce the causes of failure error reporting such as: Educate nurses, use team-based and forward-looking approaches, adopt an impersonal, systematic approach, and modify error reporting rules.

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