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Factors Affecting on Organization Performance Assessment: A Comprehensive Review



Introduction: Regular performance assessment is the basis of effective managerial decision making which is crucial for increasing the productivity of an organization. A distinct characteristic of an effective performance assessment is the implementation of various methods which are aimed at assessing the conformity with multiple indicators and criteria. The aim of the present comprehensive review was to extract the factors affecting the performance assessment of organization.

Methods: We conducted a comprehensive search in databases including PubMed, Embase, SID and Magiran in January 2020. Inclusion criteria were articles with the English language and full text available that were about influential factors. Two independent reviewers checked the research process, screening of articles.

Results: Factors influencing an effective and efficient organizational performance assessment categorized in three themes and 22 sub-themes emerged. The themes included: “performance assessment indicators”, “performance assessment criteria” and “background factors in performance assessment”.

Conclusion: Indicators, criteria, and background factors provide a framework for assessing the organization's overall performance. An organization can manage its human resources effectively and efficiently by considering all the effective factors. Identification and classification of influential factors can be of help for managers and decision-makers in creating performance assessment system.

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