Strategies for Mindful Parenting During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review


Introduction: Covid-19 has affected lives of people in all aspects. One of the most important and yet neglected aspects is parenting and the experience of mindful parenting for kids and their parents. This study aims to systematically review the strategies for mindful parenting during covid-19 outbreak.

Methods: this is a systematic review in which all related databases and search engines- Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed, Google Scholar, SID (Persian)- used to explore and search the most relevant articles that had addressed mindfulness in parenting during covid-19 pandemic. a content analysis approach was applied for categorizing and analysis of the data. Codes were specified to every useful strategy and when coding finished, these codes were put in different themes and subthemes subjectively, using a framework thematic analysis.

Results: Out of 2036 records, 45 had the potential for being considered for next screening stage. 3 final articles met the pre-defined inclusion criteria. The two dimension of mindfulness was considered as two subgroups for strategies identified for improving the mindfulness in parenting in final articles: being in the moment and non-judgmental approach.

Conclusion: strategies like mindfulness in parenting are becoming more and more necessary for enhancing the quality of life for kids and their parents. In order to do so, there is a need for policy makers and planners to facilitate the practice of parenting by social support systems and adjusting to the new situation which will be on the agenda for a while.

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