Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most dynamic and hot topics in today's world. It is evident that “AI”  has incredible applications in the healthcare and medical industry as a whole. In light of this, the English-language journal, Health Technology Assessment in Action, affiliated with the National Institute of Health Research at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, aims to publish a dedicated issue focusing on the application of AI in the healthcare industry. This special issue, guest edited by Dr. Mohammadreza Mobinizadeh, Associate Professor of health management and economics at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, seeks comprehensive and insightful articles that cover various aspects of the topic. Papers may explore areas such as disease diagnosis, prediction and prevention, productivity improvement, decision support systems, monitoring and hospital management and other topics related to the healthcare industry. Access to this special issue will be available to all interested individuals and researchers, with the hope that it will inspire, facilitate interaction, and accelerate advancements in the field of AI in the healthcare industry.

If you are interested in collaborating with our journal and submitting your articles to this special issue, Please send your manuscript up to September 27th.

We aspire to increase knowledge and understanding of the application of AI in the healthcare industry through this collaborative effort. Your research and perspectives will contribute to the advancement of the scientific community.


The Health Technology Assessment in Action Journal Team